Istais Package

Third generation elevators in Iran

Isatis′s third generation elevator is not a product; it is a global solution introduced by Iranian experts.
This solution is resulted by the accurate calculating process, designing all component parts and using the most qualified and modern equipment; to present elevators which are unique solutions to fulfill each costumer’s requirements, for the first time in the whole country.
This process has changed elevator industry from assembling units to designing, the missing link of this chain in industry, and has led to a product closer to international standards and has decreased the expenses comparing to the equivalent foreign packages; developing a reliable product with no sound and vibration operation.

Specifications of Isatis elevators

  • Precise design of all parts and components
  • Utilization of original components based on the design
  • Manufacturing mechanical components designed by Isatis Company
  • Cabins are Exclusively designed and manufactured by Isatis Company
  • Original components directly imported from high-ranked European suppliers
  • Accurate installation and launching based on technical plans
  • Inspection and controlling of manufacturing and installation process
  • IMS monitoring of the elevator function in order to present an exclusive Isatis software.
  • Perfect warranty and clear report of the product deficiencies to the client
  • Deficiencies analysis in order to avoid damages and guarantee elevator safety
  • High efficiency and optimal consumption of energy
  • High safety level supported by global suppliers, accurate design and installation, and consistent monitoring
  • No sound and vibration operation
  • 3 years guarantee and 15 years warranty