1- Building trust requires a lifetime and destroying it will happen in the blink of an eye.

Isatis builds trust, not just in the mind of the customer, but in the minds of all project beneficiaries.
Isatis products and services are trustworthy, and this is not only due to the expertice, considering world standards or the careful and proactive selection of external suppliers. Isatis does not trade end-user security for any other reason, and this makes Isatis moving cabins a safe and reliable room.
Isatis, on the other hand, protects the secrets and information of all contractors and employers, and strives to save this trust, both during and after the partnership.
Isatis seeks to instill a mutual trust within the organization via a clear communication across different organizational levels. In addition, keeping staff safe during the work is one of the most important principles of this group.

2- Morality means knowing the difference between what we have the right to do and what is actually right.

Morality is one of the main red lines of Isatis.
In this group, every process goes its normal way and managers and staff do not trade or exchange their expertise, commitment and credit for anything else.
Basically, morality becomes more important in marketing and sales. Also as a product/service selling organization, Isatis tries to consider professional morality, relying on principles such as intra-organizational and extracurricular transparency, accountability and "avoid selling at any cost and by any means".

3- The one who is respectable, respects.
(Respecting human values)

Respect is one of the pillars of social morality, and an organization that considers itself moral is obliged to respect all its stakeholders. But “respect” has its own definitions for each individual and organization.
Respect in behavior and speech, in communication, for every individual, respect for professional and social rights of human beings (from customer representative to end-user and inter-organizational personnel) and peer groups are all examples of respect in Isatis.

4- The best tool for evaluating effectiveness is the results achieved over time.

On its way to achieving its goals toward its mission, via utilizing the most appropriate staff, the most appropriate solutions and the most appropriate equipment and services, Isatis seeks to have the best impact at the defined points. Increasing effectiveness is the alignment for each of these activities and decisions with predetermined goals.
For this reason, all management and operational units must operate on predetermined goals and measure the achievement of these goals using predetermined criteria.

5- Everything that has been done before can be done better.

All Isatis operational and decision-making cycles are reviewed under continuous improvement programs to prevent waste of time and save the cost, and executives are always looking for ways to do better with current practices.
One of the most important factors in improving the level of efficiency is paying attention to the physical and mental needs of the staff and behavioral health in the complex.

6- No small goals should be chosen, more effort should be made.
(Individual and organizational growth)

The growth and success of any organization is dependent to many factors, the most important of which is the "individual growth and improvement" of each individual. In this regard, "training" is one of the main programs of the Isatis, whether technical training or reaching a better understanding about organizational and brand values.
Our large team in Isatis Group, from the highest organizational levels to the single front-line executives, are not convinced to small achievements, and do not remain at the same point.

7- Being up-to-date is not enough anymore, you have to be up-to-tomorrow!
(Being Up-to-date)

Along with individual and organizational growth to achieve better achievements, there is another important factor that reinforces it: being up to date.
It is about being aware of the modern knowledge, software, and new management methods, on one hand and being aware of national and global market trends and customer needs and the status of competitors and current and existing market projects on the other hand.
To succeed in this turbulent market, Isatis believes that being up-to-date is not enough, it must be "up to tomorrow."

8- We are responsible for every product and service we offer.
(Availability and accountability)

Isatis is not looking for "one-time" projects and avoids one-time sales. This company seeks to build long-term business relationships with mutual benefit. It wants to benefit for a long time so it should be useful for a long time! Isatis is not just about selling, delivering the product and leaving the customer, but is always listening to customer issues and is always available for listening and being responsive.
This is one of the most important reasons for setting up a after-sales services department in a systematic, continuous and integrated way, in order to listen to customers’ problems, find the solutions and take action to implement those solutions.

9- Responsibility beyond organizational boundaries.
(Social responsibility)

Isatis is part of a larger body, not just the market, not an industry, but part of a much larger community that encompasses all of its customers, all of its organizations, and all end users.
Isatis is part of Iran.
It believes that a healthier society will benefit everyone and make a more conducive environment for a healthy business, for giving service, growing, inspiring and achieving goals.
In this regard, Isatis supports a number of cultural programs at various levels and fileds, including programs to enhance the knowledge and awareness of project managers.
Besides, Isatis is the supporter of some charity organizations, especially the ones which promote educational justice and develop the concept of "education for all".

10- To be creative, we overcome the fear of making mistake.
(Creativity and innovation)

Creativity is not a goal, it is a path, a path that Isatis strives to make it easier to pass. We can read the claim of creativity and innovation in many corporate statements and can hear it among brand value statement of small and large organizations. The important point is to provide the platform for creativity, for courage to express new ideas. In fact, it is the art of ISATIS executives to be both eager and receptive to new and unconventional ideas, and push the boundaries so that creativity does not fall into the trap of inefficiency.