HM Lifts

HM Company established in 1989 has been one of the most outstanding elevator component suppliers and is a market leader in manufacturing elevators according to the client’s order. Our products are exported to many advanced industrialized countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, and Germany. To acquire our customer’s needs and expectations we managed to design and produce Green MRL elevators and obtain related certificates and licenses.

HM Company CEO

HM Company is the first manufacturer in South Korea which obtained licenses for supplying, installing and maintenance and service in New York City, America. Our specialists are well-informed about the standards such as: GOST, JIS, ASME, KT, and EN. Designing and manufacturing of the elevators are performed according to the country of destination.
HM Company has aimed for extending its market based on four competitive principles as follows: employing experienced and expert staff, high quality products, time efficient delivery of products, and maintenance services.

HM Lifts

With years of experience in the field of elevator components and in collaboration with the largest and leading Korean companies, HM Company provides one of South Korea's most original elevators with the highest American standards. HM lifts are a unique combination of movement and security.
HM's design and engineering unit in Seoul, - with a long history of designing and implementing more than 1,000 elevators in the US and South Korea - has carefully designed all custom elevators based on customer needs and end-user requirements and delivers them to manufacturing unit after providing technical details.

Parts of HM lifts are manufactured by the most significant Korean companies. In addition, management and operation software is developed by HM specialists.
HM is a contractor of US and South Korean governments and is a trusted company for the design and construction of elevators in governmental projects in these countries. One of the most important reasons for this reliability is the use of original components and high standards of quality and safety.
HM is the first Korean company to manufacture lift doors with 2 hours of fire resistance.
All safety and quality standards of HM lifts have been issued by the most prestigious American rating agencies.
As the HM agent in Iran, we believe that using HM Elevators along with your customers will give you a genuine and relaxed experience of movement. A delightful move that will make the lift from a destination to a travel destination and a motivation to move into buildings.
"Isatis, a travel destination in your building."

HM escalators

HM has years of experience working with the largest Korean and American companies to design one of the world's most exclusive escalators - ramps.
Escalator and unique ramps that stand out for their high security and after-sales service.
The unique HM escalator-ramps is the result of the company's clever choice based on the needs of the South Korean and US markets.
HM Escalators-ramps are designed and built for continuous operation. The ease of installation and maintenance of these products undoubtedly keeps HM brand competitive the largest and leading European and American brands.

Why HM?

  • Unique technical design
  • 100% South Korean made
  • Originality of parts and design
  • Very reasonable price
  • The latest American standards
  • Design based on the need and behavior of spaces
  • Security beyond expectations
  • Easy replacement and easy access to component parts
  • Exclusive software
  • Fully managed elevator performance