Isatis is an Iranian company working as an elevator and escalator industry member, which masters in A to Z of designing and producing related products, aiming for a safe and enjoyable transporting experience.
Isatis has been importing standard machinery components directly from the original suppliers, to avoid dangers caused by using counterfeit component parts.



ZXWORLD is an international company affiliated with one of China's largest industrial-national holdings, CSIC. CSIC Holding owns more than 80 industrial-manufacturing and research companies with a fortune of $ 30 billion.


HM Company established in 1989 has been one of the most outstanding elevator component suppliers and is a market leader in manufacturing elevators according to the client’s order.

Isatis Package

Isatis′s third generation elevator is not a product; it is a global solution introduced by Iranian experts.

Fundamental values

Expertise -orientation

National production




A breif of projects done by Isatis
Turk Mall is the pleasant story of participation and cooperation. One of the greatest multi-purpose complexes, located in north-west of Iran, in the city of Urmia. This project benefited from, engrossing ideas, public participation of the local people, and responsible, hardworking administrators. Isatis started working with this mall in January 2017 and delivered 3 of the elevators in March 2017 and the remaining 4 elevators were launched during 4 following months. 2 of the mentioned elevators have machine room and the others are MRL (without machine room) elevators. Isatis elevators have now an outstanding role in lifting visitors of Turk mall.
Urmia Turk Mall Engines: Wittur
پروژه ترک مال - ایساتیس
Kashan medical complex is a cooperative consisting of doctors, surgeons, and university professors who are experienced in construction. The presence of knowledgeable managers in the very first meetings led us to take part in the project determinedly. Our in time presence resulted in efficient coordination among the various operating teams. Designing is completed and the importing of the original materials has started, Iron structures and Marazzi rails are being installed.
Kashan Medical Complex Engines: Wittur
مجتمع مسکونی پزشکان کاشان - ایساتیس
Possessing 66 elevators, this complex has been one of the most extended projects of our company. Comparable quality level of the product to its global competitors was the primary expectation of the client, which led us to announce and install third generation elevators of Isatis, for the first time in Tehran.
Precise technical observation in all steps resulted in innovative methods in elevator industry.
East university complex Engines: Wittur
دانشگاه - آسانسور ایساتیس