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East university complex

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Isatis package

Project description

Possessing 66 elevators, this complex has been one of the most extended projects of our company. Comparable quality level of the product to its global competitors was the primary expectation of the client, which led us to announce and install third generation elevators of Isatis, for the first time in Tehran.
Precise technical observation in all steps resulted in innovative methods in elevator industry. Accurate design of all the components and parts took us four months, and supplying and purchasing the components from the original suppliers started afterwards.
Among this project sanction pressures started, changes in imports rules and policies, and foreign currency allocations, compelled complications in the situation.
In this project engines and safety equipment were supplied by Wittur German Company, rails by Marazzi, doors from Selcom, and control boards were made in Iran.
In order to fulfill client’s expectations, the R&D team achieved to manufacture cabins with equal quality as the global products by reverse engineering processes.

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